Testautomationservice from the Test and Integration Center, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Fachliches Testfalldesign Automatisierte Testfälle Ausführung der Testfälle Testreports einsehen

Functional Testcasedesign

Send us your functional testcases and we will transform them to automated testscripts. Another option is to let our certified testers create the testcases for your business requirements.

Automated Testcases

Your testcases will be translated to functional testscripts by our automation experts. These testscripts are modular designed, so that the degree of maintenance is low.

Execution of Testcases

Execute your testcase at the push of a button. You are able to choose between several combinations of browsers and operating systems, that are used for the test execution.

Look up Testreports

Get the most recent test execution reports. Whether management, tester or developer - our HTML-Reports deliver the right density of information to everyone.